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Surrogacy Law India
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Our Background

Surrogacy Laws India, for over number of years one of the India’s leading firms dealing in surrogacy laws, has the required local experience and expertise. In response to and recognizing the needs of the Intended Parents, we have created a closely knit network which offers high-quality, result-oriented advice on a broad range of legal and various other advisory matters. When you have a professional relationship with us, you can rest assured that no efforts will be spared to get you result in time and with honor. Our watch words are integrity, excellence and confidentiality.


As an Association, we are bound together by a set of shared values in our legal practice;

To succeed in today’s rapidly changing and demanding market conditions in any kind of industry, it takes commitment, sophistication, the highest levels of skill and specialized resources. Our firm’s legal and public relation credentials are of highest standards and are enhanced by our reputation for providing timely and quality services to our clients.

Added Value  
Our aim is to give significant added value to our client’s interests.To that end, we are constantly enhancing our skills and means of operation. We bringideas to our clients. We keep them up to date on relevant issues, identify problems intheir initial stages, give them our opinions and make recommendations that lead to solutions.

Realistic Approach
While we spare no efforts in working for our clients, we make diligent and economic use of the resources available. We take great care to assess all possible risks and rewards before advising our clients. Our staff brings an international perspective.This experience has been gained with clients from all over globe.

Understanding Our Client’s Needs
We aim to understand our clients, their concerns and their goals. Our consultancy methodology forms the basis of our approach to our clients legal and other consultancy requirements. The approach is designed to provide an effective and efficient service to our clients focusing on their requirements and tailored to their individual circumstances. We commit to an agreed timetable. We expect that our deliverables will include positive and constructive advice. We are operative in bringing suggestions for improvements and efficiencies in present procedures. This means that our service level is maintained at the highest professional standards for our clients’benefit.

Personalized Care and Service
Our relationship with our clients is founded on personal contacts and trust. This is why for each engagement, our client are assigned one Partner as prime contact, through which their requirements can be managed, service coordinated and quality assured. We have established communication channels to share non-confidential, non-competitive knowledge internationally, thereby ensuring that the benefits of this extensive experience are made available to our clients.  Through our long professional association, our firm has, over the years, accumulated a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in all kind of surrogacy.  These resources, combined with dedication and commitment of our experienced and skilled professional staff, have been the key features of our service philosophy when providing our clients with efficient and responsive services to their total satisfaction in the past.

Dedication to our clients
Our clients deserve our every effort to provide the best possible service in the speediest and most efficient manner under the circumstances of the case. As a result of our vast knowledge and experience we have also been called upon by our clients to carry out, often at a very short notice as dictated by circumstances, for several legal consultancy and advisory services. We are proud to mention that these assignments are acknowledged by our clients as having been successfully completed and being of immense value to the clients in meeting the challenges faced by them.

Honesty and Integrity
These are cardinal values of the legal profession. Our clients rely on our honesty and integrity in our dealings with them. We make it a rule to consistently act in a way that deems us worthy of such reliance.


Our clients require a quality professional consultancy and services with a value-added approach. Our overall strategy is designed to provide our client with a high quality service at a controlled cost based upon agreed plans of the efforts to be contributed by us in achieving our client’s objective. Our work responds to this overall strategy by a disciplined analysis of the problems, which can arise. Using this approach we plan our work to ensure that the correct emphasis of our effort is given to those aspects of our client’s affairs, which require the greatest attention. This enables us toconcentrate on important issues and so increase efficiency.  Special legal documentation is developed to ensure that appropriate consideration is given to those areas that require close attention. Our efforts are based upon:

* creating a detailed work plan which will be fully discussed the clients to thecommitment of our resources.

* making positive and practical suggestions for improving procedures and controls.


The main benefits that will accrue to you from appointing Surrogacy Laws India as advisors are:

-  Efficient and high quality service arising through our experience and expertise;
-  Instant access to our specialists and their combined expertise;
-  Responding to the evolving legal requirements of yours;
-  Proven ability to meet all deadlines established by you;
-  Providing specialized resources familiar with the local operating environment;
-  Delivering professional services to assist in achieving your goal.
-  Utilizing our extensive knowledge in the field of surrogacy gained through our clients from various countries.
-  Comprehensive set of services covering legal as well as public relationship areas.


Surrogacy Laws India - a full law and financial consultancy firm, based in New Delhi, India, is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive services in the area of Surrogacy Laws in India. Surrogacy Laws India is headed by dynamic and result oriented legal professionals. Add to them, a team of highly committed professionals in surrogacy field and you have a law firm that has never failed to deliver goods. We are qualified to provide local area solutions.  We are justly proud of our reputation built upon the highest principles of client service. We are ideally placed with the right staff and methodologies to provide the services required by our clients.

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