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Surrogacy Law India
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  • We help the intended parents choose the appropriate clinic/doctor for the surrogacy proces. 


  • After the selection of doctor what follows is forwarding the profiles of the surrogate mothers and assisting the intending parents zero down on the perfect surrogate mother.
  • When the parents finalizes on the Surrogate family and the doctor, we then draft out the following  documents: - 
(a)    Surrogacy Agreement;
(b)    Affidavit of Surrogate Mother's Husband;
(c)    Terms & Conditions of the Surrogacy;
(d)    Declaration of Intent; and
(e)    Endorsement by the ART Clinic.
  • The said agreements are signed by the respective parties and after signatures the same is notarized. 


  •  For drafting the said documents, following information would be required: -
(a)  Name of the Surrogate Mother;
(b)  Name of the Surrogate Mother's husband;
(c)  Address of the Surrogate Mother;
(d)  Age of the Surrogate Mother;
(e)  Age of the Surrogate Mother' husband;
(f)   Name of the Surrogate Mother husband's father;
(g)  What are the final financial terms agreed upon;
(h)  Name of the Intended Mother;
(i)   Name of the Intended Father;
(j)   Address of the Intended Mother;
(k)  Age of the Intended Mother;
(l)   Age of the Intended Father;
  • All the legal documents executed between the Intended Parent (IP) and the Surrogate Family are reviewed by us before the IP sign the same. And thereafter we check the said documents again and ensure that the same are properly signed and officially stamped.
  • As soon as the child is born, the records of the birth is sent by the Hospital to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), which is the Authority that makes and issues the Birth Certificate and thereafter the Birth Certificate is sent for getting Apostille Sticker to the Ministry of External  Affairs (MEA).
  • After the Birth Certificate is received, an Application is filed for Citizenship and issue of Passport at the respective Embassy along with required documents.

  • After the issuance of Passport, an Application is filed with Ministry of Home affairs (MHA) for Exit Visa and then to Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) for exit clearance.
  • Finally after obtaining the Exit Visa, the Intended Parents can leave India for the their respective country with their child(ren).